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        <       <       <       <       <       < 60x120 cm. CEILING TILES       <       <       < WE STARTED THE PRODUCTION IN NEW FACTORY

Our company has been established in 2007 Konya in TURKEY and started the production of suspended ceiling tiles and accessories out of aluminum and galvanised sheet.

Our facilities are equipped with most modern and computer - PLC - controlled lines consisting of very first preparation to the end process.

Our well experienced team is ready for customer satisfactory service with high quality products.Also we have TS-EN 13964 quality certificate.

Our capacity is 15.000 m.² per month and planned to increase to 25.000 m² per month by July 2013.

Products and services are designed to interact with the major construction projects, including airport, shopping mall, hospital, restaurant, commercial complex, bank and etc.

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